Guidance & Counseling Program

Welcome to the Odyssey Charter School Guidance & Counseling Program!

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Guidance & Counseling Program

Welcome to the Odyssey Charter School Guidance & Counseling Program!

The Guidance and Counseling Program at Odyssey Charter School is based on the American School Counselor Associations National Standards and facilitates student development in three content areas:

  • Academic
  • Career
  • Personal/Social Development


Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Elementary School Guidance Program?

    An elementarty school guidance program:

    Follows ASCA (American School Counselor Association) guidelines.

    Is part of the total school program.

    Complements learning in the classroom.

    Is child centered, preventative, and developmental.

    Encourages students' social, emotional, and personal growth.

    Helps students maximize their potential.

    What else is included in OCS's Guidance & Counseling Program?

    OCS's program also includes:

    Individual Counseling: Individual counseling is provided to students who are referred by parents, teachers, administrators or the counselor. Parental permission is required and services are confidential.

    Small Group Counseling: Small group counseling is offered throughout the school year on various topics such as divorce, grief, friendship skills, self-esteem and social skills. Student participation in group is confidential and requires parental permission.

    Developmental Classroom Guidance Lessons: Lessons are designed to assist students with their personal/social, academic and career development.

    Family Counseling: Meetings are available upon parent request.

    Consultations: Assisting staff, families, and community to work with students.

    Referrals: Assisting families in identifying and accessing community resources.

    What are the Benefits for Students?

    The benefits of a Guidance & Counseling Program include assisting the student with:

    Understanding self and developing a positive self-image.

    Showing respect for the feelings of others.

    Understanding the decision making process.

    Maintaining effective relationships with peers and adults.

    Developing effective study skills.

    Being prepared to make the transition to the intermediate school.

    Becoming responsible for their own behavior.

    Receiving crisis intervention when necessary.

    What are The Qualifications of a School Counselor?

    Qualifications include:
      A Master's Degree
      A state certification as an elementary school guidance counselor

    Additionally, special preparation in the following areas:
      Child growth and development
      Individual counseling skills
      Group counseling and guidance skills
      Communication skills
      Elements of career development
      Educational and psychological measurement
      Theory and practice of counseling including exceptional and culturally diverse children
      Philosophy and principles of guidance
      Research and evaluation
      Elementary school guidance


Odyssey Charter School's Guidance & Counseling Program is headed up by Barbara Berrick.

Mrs. Berrick can be reached as follows:

    Barbara Berrick LPCMH, NCC
    Elementary Guidance Counseling Services
    Odyssey Charter School
    994-6490 Upper School

Miss Nannas, Guidance Counselor at the Lower School, can be reached as follows:

    Kristin Nannas
    Elementary Guidance Counseling Services
    Odyssey Charter School
    994-6490 ext. 111 Lower School