Odyssey Charter School

Odyssey Charter School is a publicly-funded Kindergarten through 6th grade elementary school located in Wilmington, Delaware. Since its inception in 2006, Odyssey Charter School has provided the families of Delaware with a first-class public school education.

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Headmaster's Page

November 21, 2017

Greetings Odyssey Families,

On behalf of our entire staff, administration and school board, I would like to extend our wishes for a very happy and health Thanksgiving Holiday. We are now well into another exciting school year at Odyssey Charter School. As we complete the first marking period for the 2017-18 school year, we are hoping that our students, teachers and parents are well into this year’s structure and regular routines of the school year.

Let me send some important information to all of you prior to the start of holiday season:

  • Today marks the first day of parent conferences. Please know that parents can request meetings at any time during the school year with individual teachers or the entire team. While conferences are an ideal time to meet with our staff, we welcome parent meetings whenever there are questions, concerns, or if you just want to check in.
  • I wanted to clarify a few issues surrounding the use of the HAC. The HAC is a support tool to help families have an indication of how their children are doing in classes at Odyssey. There are recommended practices that we encourage our teachers to follow in the posting of student progress on the HAC. However please know that there are variations in student grading, and particularly at the end of marking periods when major tests generally are provided that can cause wide variations in student grades in short periods of time. Therefore the HAC is not to be viewed as the be-all and end-all, but as a source of information for parents to understand where their children academics are at a snapshot in time. Teachers are encouraged to update the hack in timely fashion.
  • While many improvements have been made this year, we acknowledge that transportation continues to be an ongoing hot button issue of discontent for many of our families. Our repeated attempts to secure improved services through our contractor, First Student, have shown inconsistent efforts toward continuous improvement. Meetings are being organized to help formulate a recommendation to possibly initiate our own transportation service as soon as possible. If you’re interested in this issue, please look for upcoming announcements about the meetings dates.
  • We have 50 new teachers at our school this year. There will be a large number of changes for parents and staff to digest as our teachers and families try to become acclimatized with the ebb and flow of the school year. Please try to exercise patience and understanding in dealing with many of our new teachers. Many times a simple email or phone call request can go a long way toward solving issues before they mushroom into larger concerns. Please reach out to the building level administration when you feel reasonable requests with teachers have not been met.
  • We are transitioning to winter sports and appreciate your ongoing support with the current improvements to our athletic fields and fundraising.
  • We are in the thick of the choice process for Delaware public schools. We have a series of open houses that have been posted on our website. If you continue to enjoy a positive experience at Odyssey, feel free to encourage your friends and neighbors to submit an application for Odyssey.
  • Last Wednesday, we had a site visit with our Bond investors. We had a wonderful opportunity to share with everyone present the many new initiatives and ongoing developments here at a growing OCS.

The past two weeks we have also held some of our annual Open House events and they was tremendous successes. With the addition of our tenth grade class and the expansion of our high school, our student population has grown to approximately 1660 students. We clearly had the largest crowds ever for the Back to School events, and everyone was excited to see the tremendous outpouring of parental support for our programs. Hopefully, the evenings gave all of our families an opportunity to have some face time with their children’s’ teachers and to clarify the means for communication should any questions arise for parents and teachers.

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions!” Zig Ziglar

Be Thankful! Happy Thanksgiving!

Nick Manolakos