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Decemeber 2014

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December 2014

Dr. Nick’s Message

Dear Odyssey Families,

I am writing to wish everyone in our Odyssey community a joyous and wonderful holiday season! Odyssey officially kicked off the start of the holiday season with a tremendously successful Winter Chorus and Instrumental Music Concert last Wednesday, December 10, 2014. The level of parental support and the beautiful performance by our children was truly moving. Students in Kindergarten, First and Second Grades will also help to ring in the holidays with choral performances on Thursday, December 18, 2014.

As the holiday season approaches, it gives Odyssey families cause for thanks on many fronts. Our children are extremely fortunate in the continued love, support and guidance that all of you provide them. Our teachers demonstrate daily the well-deserved trust you have placed in them with your most precious assets. Our school clearly provides your children the opportunity to learn and grow in an exceptional academic environment.

We are sure you have learned in your time with our school that we strive to excel continually in every aspect of our programs for your children. As Odyssey nears the mid-way point of its 9th year, it has been another exceptional year filled with noteworthy achievements. These achievements include:

  • Odyssey is very near the realization of our aspiration to secure the Barley property and build our unified Campus, fulfilling the long term vision of our families, staff and school board.
  • Odyssey students are achieving at record levels in every grade, as measured by the DOE’s Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS). Odyssey now is considered by many to be in a category of the top achieving Delaware schools. Our school received the DCN Academic Award for outstanding academic achievement this year.
  • Odyssey received the Recognition Award from the Governor’s Office and the State of Delaware presented to our school for two consecutive years of “exceptional academic achievement.”
  • Our Headmaster, Dr. Nick Manolakos, received the DCN Impact Award for the school administrator having the greatest leadership impact on a Delaware Charter School.
  • Odyssey has launched a middle school sports program including Girls on the Run, soccer, basketball and track programs.
  • Our Middle School Student Government, National Junior Honor Society and student service organizations will begin their first year of operations when we return from the winter vacation.
  • Our Foreign Language Elementary and Middle School Programs continue to grow and be recognized by the ACTFL organization. They are truly unique and continue to contribute to our students’ overall academic achievement.
  • Odyssey anticipates that our Charter Renewal Application should be announced shortly before students and staff go on winter vacation.
  • Please take a moment to review the Strategic Plan, which details our long-term vision for the school. In addition, our 2014 Annual Report to the Delaware Department of Education is posted under About OCS, School Overview.
  • The expanded administrative team continues to guide and support exceptional instruction. Mrs. Barbara Berrick, Student Services, Mrs. Renee Ickes, Educational Diagnostician and Mrs. Kathryn Standish, Curriculum Coordinator, continue to support the parents, teacher and school community. In addition, this year we hired a student advisor, Mr. Daniel Newcott, to help manage the school’s growth.
  • We also hired a new Greek Program Coordinator, Ms. Fratzeska Belafemine, to strengthen our FLES and FLMS Program. We continue our Greek Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings to analyze data and drive best practices. In addition we have enlisted Dr. Gregory Fulkerson from DOE to facilitate the curricular move to Common Core Standards in Greek Language Instruction.
  • Our ACE Program (Academic Acceleration and Enrichment), Odyssey’s form of Gifted and Talented Programming, led by Mrs. Amber Smith enriches instructional offering across grades 3 to 7. In addition, Odyssey participates in numerous statewide events highlighting our students’ skills and abilities.
  • Our upper elementary and middle school band and choral programs continue to excel. Our students performed beautifully at the Winter Concert.
  • We continue to work closely with our PTO to help improve our response to community concerns on a school-wide basis. We launched a new communications initiative this year. Through this campaign, the Upper and Lower School Assistant Headmasters, Mrs. Parks and Ms. Pastis both send weekly communications to our staff and biweekly correspondence to our families. In addition, the Headmaster now posts on the webpage and in the newsletter a monthly message to the community.
  • Our School Improvement Committees serve all phases of our operations such as compensation, school climate and opportunities to improve sustainability and capacity for leadership. They serve as important avenues for staff input and collaboration.

In September 2015, we will complete middle level growth with the addition of our 8th grade program. We expect that our families will continue to express their faith and support of the additional middle school grades, especially upon moving to our new campus. We’ve made tremendous progress in our efforts to secure facilities and expect more details in late December or January, so stay tuned!

Odyssey is a special place for many people – our children, our parents, our educators and staff, the PTO and the members of the Board. On behalf of the Board and our Administration, I want to thank everyone - each of us has made a valuable contribution to Odyssey throughout the year.

We’re so proud of our school and each year brings new opportunities to showcase the work and talents of our children -- these are exciting and dynamic times for our school!

Wishing you well over the holidays and a very happy and successful new year,


Dr. Nick T. Manolakos
Odyssey Charter School


Lower School News

Kindergarten had a busy month and are excited for the prospect of the New Year! We are in the full swing of our new reading curriculum and the students are becoming more independent each day. Each classroom has independent and differentiated centers that allow students to learn and grow at their own pace. During social studies, we had the opportunity to "travel the world" by looking at a variety of cultures and their holiday traditions. The students learned about all of the holiday traditions for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, and Hanukkah. We learned about various different countries such as Germany, Mexico, China, and Israel. The students enjoyed making crafts from these countries and holidays, which allowed them to gain a greater understanding of the culture. Kindergarten is excited for the holidays! We hope our students and families have a wonderful holiday break and we will see you in 2015!

First Grade
First grade is about to embark on a journey to travel near and far to see a glimpse of “Holidays Around the World”. This is a great way to integrate the holiday theme into our curriculum! This unit ties together reading, writing, social studies, and math. The countries our kiddos will be learning about are: The Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Italy, England and America. Another fun day we have planned for the children is “Grinch Day”. After reading the popular classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, we will have a day of creative Grinch themed language arts, writing and mathematics activities planned for our firsties.

In mathematics, we are continuing to work on our double digit addition unit. As a team, we have numerous fun and engaging lessons planned that we hope the students will love! After the holiday, we will begin our “Solids and Liquids” science kit. This unit strengthens the students’ ability to compare and contrast solids and liquids, to investigate the properties of matter through testing, and to communicate their ideas in writing, drawing, and discussion.

Second Grade
Second grade is well into the second marking period! In language arts, we are studying the characteristics of fairy tales. Fairytales we have analyzed include Jack and the Beanstalk and Yeh-shen (a Cinderella tale from China). We also learned that after identifying the elements of a story, we can summarize and synthesize the important events! Through Engage NY, we have measured lengths of string using different tools and learned how to solve multiple step word problems. We completed our science unit on the components of soil, and are looking forward to our next unit, which focuses on civil engineering! In social studies, we are finishing up our unit titled “America’s Past.” Students are invited to attend The Polar Express party, as we celebrate with popcorn and hot chocolate in our pajamas! Happy Holidays from the Second Grade team!!

Third Grade
We can’t believe it is almost winter break already! We have finished another Reading Comprehension unit focusing on sequencing and learning the features of historical fiction. Next, we will become American Pioneers as we join Lewis & Clark in their amazing expedition to the West! This reading unit integrates well with our social studies unit as we learn about the physical/political map of the United States and geographical landforms. Having finished a math unit on multiplication/division, we are now learning about fractions! Students have created their own multiplication facts cards (up to 12) and will be studying them every night for automaticity. By the end of third grade, students will master their multiplication facts and celebrate with an ice cream party! The more facts you know, the bigger & better your ice cream sundae will be! After learning how to write personal narratives and realistic fiction, third graders are now focusing on informational writing. With the help of Ms. Stoume, our Computers Specialist, students researched their own “wonder” on the internet and then wrote their own informational text about it. Odyssey’s hard working & enthusiastic third graders can’t wait for winter break and some snow!

Fourth Grade
We can’t believe it is the holiday season already! Fourth grade has been working hard on mastering long division. After break, we will begin our study of fractions. In language arts, we are finishing our unit on making inferences. Up next, summarizing! We have begun our unit on the American Revolution. When we return from our break we will have an in-school field trip. We will be working with the Delaware History Museum to dive deeper into the revolution and discover Delaware’s role. We hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, and safe holiday break. Don’t forget to read and practice your multiplication facts!


Middle School

Social Studies

Fifth Grade
In 5th grade Social Studies, we will be finishing up our Due Process Model Unit. We will be working on activities that show the principles of Due Process and how the government must follow its own rules, to show fairness. We will be using real life court cases to show how this applies in real life. After the holidays we will be working in our Dueling Documents Model Unit, where we compare and contrast documents and use that to figure out what happened in the past, and why it happened.
Mr. Morley

Sixth Grade
The 6th grade students have begun an exciting new unit in Social Studies this month! The students are discovering the purpose and powers of government today and in the Ancient world. Students have worked to think like philosophers and have answered questions about how society would function in a state of nature and why a social compact is needed to protect people. After break they will continue to look at governments of the past and governments of the modern world to determine why they have power over the people.
Ms. Beeson

Seventh Grade
In the last newsletter I mentioned that we were going on a class trip to Philadelphia to take a tour of Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center. The trip was an overwhelming success! The kids enjoyed walking through Philadelphia, stepping on the same floors as our Founding Fathers, furthering their knowledge of the Constitution, and standing tall next to life-sized bronze statue replicas of the signers of the United States Constitution. It was a great time! In addition, we just finished the Green Cities Unit where we analyzed how culture can impact the environment and that cities are constantly evolving to fit the needs of its citizens. We are currently discussing ways in which citizens can impact policy in the unit “Project Citizen.”
Mr. Altmeier


Fifth Grade
The 5th graders have been making great strides in Math this month. They have accomplished multi-digit multiplication of whole numbers and decimals and now are moving towards accomplishing the same task with division. Moving forward in the New Year and looking into the month of January, comes our first field trip of the year to The Grand to see “The Math Maniac Show.” Students are excited to be learning about Math outside of school. Ask 5th graders after the show what kind of mania they experienced!
Mrs. Reynolds

Sixth Grade
Our sixth grade math students have been working towards understanding fraction operations. We have been discovering how and why the different algorithms work. We have also been applying different strategies that arrive at the same solution in unique ways. Students are becoming experts at making models to show their thinking and analyzing the thinking of others. Our theme has been to dig deeper into truly understanding the coolness of math! We are wrapping up this current unit and will prepare to explore geometry topics once we return from break. I hope everyone has a relaxing and well-deserved vacation!
Ms. Rehrig

Seventh Grade
Students in 7th grade math enjoyed our last unit called Stretching and Shrinking. They worked with scale factors to enlarge and reduce different geometric shapes. They did many hands-on activities to create formulas to follow out computations. Our next unit is called Comparing and Scaling. Students will learn the skills to compare data and make informed decisions about shopping deals by using ratios, rates, percents and proportions. They will also be able to accurately describe and evaluate markups, markdowns, and taxes. We are all excited to continue learning about these real-life math applications!
Ms. Vinton


Fifth Grade
Our Life Sciences Ecosystems Unit is coming to an end. We have covered Food Chains, Adaptations, Inside Living Things, and Food & Nutrition.

When we return from winter break we will begin the Mixtures & Solutions Kit, continuing as always the enduring understandings of Scientific Inquiry.

We will be asking “Essential Questions”

  • How do the properties of materials determine their use?
  • How can the properties of the components of a mixture be used to separate the mixture?
  • How does the conservation of mass apply to the interaction of materials in a closed system?
MOST IMPORTANTLY – SAFETY! We will be mixing and using epsom salt, citric acid, and other items together to demonstrate REACTIONS. Please remind your child that safety procedures are to be followed at ALL times.

Following Mixtures & Solutions and Physical Sciences we will move to Earth Sciences.

Don’t forget to check the Home Access Center at to check on grades. Contact the front office if you have difficulty getting access. You can contact me at Charlotte.Horgan@odyssey.k12.de.us by email if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support!
Mrs. Horgan

Sixth Grade
Greetings from the 6th Grade Science Classroom! Our friends in 6th grade Science are busy wrapping-up their unit on the human body systems. Students investigated their own heart rates during rest and after exercise, the role of valves in heart function, and the strength of heart muscle by pumping water at their resting pulse rates. Students also explored the pathway of the circulatory system through the Circulation Game, where students conducted a role play illustrating the path of blood through the body. Students were able to move through the pathway as red blood cells where they were sent by the heart to collect oxygen and food, exchange these with body parts for carbon dioxide and waste, and then return to the heart to start the cycle again. Students are concluding their study of the human body systems with their Heart Health Project, where students create persuasive brochures to convince other teens to reduce their risk of heart disease.
Ms. Manolakos

Seventh Grade
This month in seventh grade science, students finished up learning about Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration by creating a Celery Investigation Plan. Students also planted their own radish seeds and rye grass seeds in a petri-dish and learned that seeds only need oxygen and water to grow! The microscopes were revisited so students could take a closer look at these seedlings. The last week before the holiday break began, students were learning all of the structures and functions of plant reproduction. We received donated flowers from, "Flowers By Yuki" so students could dissect them and be able to point out all of the reproduction structures.
Ms. Adamek

English Language Arts

Fifth Grade
We’re wrapping our read-aloud chapter book—Wonder. The classrooms were filled with vibrant conversations about supporting your inferential thinking with evidence, applying inferential thinking to analyze characters and relationships, and making predictions. We also explored the genres of realistic fiction and historical fiction. We went over comma rules and reviewed the roots---grad/gress and mob/mov/mot. A little humor from our discussions as we were discussing analogies, prefixes and root words: “So, the opposite of progress would be congress?” We hope that you have a wonderful break and that you’re rejuvenated for all that the upcoming year holds in store.
Mrs. Yarram and Ms. Potochney

Sixth Grade
The sixth graders have been finishing up their novel studies before the upcoming Winter Break. Most of the sixth graders did an in-depth novel study of Esperanza Rising, and the Honors classes have read the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Both novels presented us with a perfect opportunity to discuss the characterization techniques that authors use to make their characters come to life for the reader. After detailed analysis of these techniques, the students were asked to write a character sketch portraying the physical description and character traits of one of the main characters in the book. Overall, the students learned a lot about literary devices, characterization, and the historical context of these two novels, while also enjoying the “entertainment value” of the books!

Seventh Grade
“The main question in drama, the way I was taught, is always, 'What does the protagonist want?' That's what drama is. It comes down to that. It's not about theme, it's not about ideas, it's not about setting, but what the protagonist wants,” according to the words of David Mamet. In 7th grade, we are grabbing the bull by the horns in trying to prove this quote incorrect in every aspect. We are diving headfirst into the understanding of theme and characterization through a wide variety of text. Students are becoming proficient in developing the relationship between characters, plot and setting. We are excited to begin a new chapter in ELA after break!
Ms. Todd and Ms. Stockl


Greek Classes

December has been a very exciting month for our kindergarteners. In Greek language we are learning about families and their members while in Greek math we are studying the plane shapes, learn their names in Greek and home many corners and sides each one has. We are also preparing for the winter concert by learning how to sing and dance a Greek traditional song, which we are sure that you will really enjoy watching. We hope that you have a great time during the holidays.

First Grade
The First Grade students learned about Greek daily family meals. They read and reconstructed a story book by placing words and sentences in the right order to form sentences and paragraphs. The outcome was a 10 page Big Book which they are very proud of. Elpida

Second Grade
As we wrap up the month of December, our second graders are able to describe their daily routine entirely in Greek! They have been working on fun activities that help improve their communication, comprehension, and literacy skills. Some of the games they have been playing are: charades, flash cards, fly swatter, white board hold up, inside-outside circles, and words with friends. As a culminating activity, students depicted and presented their daily schedules to one another as well as to their entire class. In math we continue to work hard measuring various objects using standard and non-standard length units, such as rulers, meter sticks, paper clips and erasers. Additionally, we have estimated length, measured to confirm, compared to determine relationship and interpreted to solve word problems. Despite the short month, the students have made significant progress in both areas of Greek study. They have certainly earned their upcoming winter break! Wishing all of you a happy and healthy winter vacation.
William Dounavis

Third Grade
In 3rd Grade Greek Language students learned many cloth categories and are able to answer questions such as “what are you wearing?” and “what do you want?”. We learned to identify in Greek and describe shown cloths in pictures, we role played with real cloths and made paper doll posters. In 3rd Grade Greek Math we are learning to tell and write time in Greek using analog and digital clocks. For the Winter Concert, 3rd grade sang a Greek song called “Ting ting the bells” with great success. The last day before winter break we are planning to do a snowman craft dresses up with some of the clothes we learned.

Fourth Grade
This month in 4th grade Greek language class students were engaged in different activities and games focusing on new grammar structures. The students learned to describe their day using verbs in the past tense. They were introduced some adverbs that help to understand when to use present or past tense when speaking in Greek. They also learned how to be actively involved in a conversation by asking questions (i.e. what time did you wake up? , what did you eat? etc). In 4th grade Greek math class we have been working with word problems related to the holiday season. Students always need to make reasoning and show the strategies taught to solve the word problem, always labeling their answer. Finally, in both classes they were engaged in cultural activities regarding Christmas and New year’s eve celebration in Greece (i.e. power point presentation , videos, Christmas crafts and Christmas songs)

Fifth Grade
In the 5th grade classes we all decorated our classroom “eco” tree and enjoyed singing seasonal songs. This was also an opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions in Greece and in Europe. We are very proud of the “hallway tree” as it carries ornaments with Greek seasoning words!!! Happy Holidays!
Alexia Stamidi

Sixth Grade
We have been marking the season with discussions about holiday traditions in Greece, the United States and elsewhere. It is always exciting to learn about the cultural differences and similarities to be found in the customs, the food, the decorations, and the tales that are told. We joined together to create a holiday-themed classroom decoration project. And the vocabularies are swelling with holiday delights…
Kyriakoula Micha

Seventh Grade
Greek math classes in 7th grade are moving on to a new unit after the break. We are currently working on Scientific notation and operations with numbers in scientific notation form. All our students are doing great and we hope after the break we will be back ready to learn more. We wish to all of you Happy Holidays and a happy new year to your families.
Konstantia Dimas

Greek Culture
In Greek Culture we are learning about the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. The children are enjoying the story; exploring both the literal and the metaphoric/symbolic meaning, and extrapolating moral lessons. Please take a moment to look at some of the beautiful work they have created. During the last week of December we are going to take a trip to Greece and enjoy the cultural experience during this festive time of the year. Our students will get a glimpse of what Greek students do to celebrate the holidays.
May the New Year bring all of our families happiness and prosperity.
Panagiotis Tsakalis, Tina Iliadis, Giannis Sporidis, Niki Tantalou




Lower School
Kindergarten is learning about celebrations around the world. We are making Rangoli and Mandala designs during our study of Diwali. First grade has begun their unit on impressionism and is working on reflections. Second grade is studying the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein! We are using benday dots and onomatopoea words! Third grade is studying the art of ancient Egypt and is currently working on cat mummies. Fourth graders are making artistic representations of information they learned about the Titanic in their classrooms.

Upper School
5th grade art students are learning about foreground, middle ground, and background, and creating a landscape that includes, birds, telephone poles, and the outdoors. They are especially enjoying mixing colors and using a new medium, acrylic paints. 6th graders are working on one of their favorite projects, clay! They are creating coil pots, having them fired in the kiln, and glazing them to complete the process. 7th graders have finished their painted portraits on typed text, using acrylic paints as well. Next, they will be will be creating a large eye that will show the color wheel inside the Iris.

Art Club
This year we have two groups in the Art Club. The beginners group meets every Thursday, and the returning students group meets on Wednesday. During the past few months these young artists worked on several challenging projects... They practiced sketching from real objects, such as autumn leaves, did a positive/negative space exercise, a project in shading, a still life in pencil and another one in watercolors. The advanced students (Wednesday’s group), drew some amazing self-portraits in pencil, some of which have been beautifying the upper school hallway.
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to a happy and creative new year,
Eva M. Jannelli


Lower School
Students continue to do a great job navigating the library! They are finding their favorite series/titles much more quickly on their own, and they are challenging themselves at the top of their AR range whenever possible. On their last library day of the year, they were sure to check out books that would keep them reading through the break! Reading a book twice is even better than reading it once – as Mrs. Graham always says, “A book is a present you can open again and again.” Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone!
Mrs. Graham

Upper School
Thank you to all who participated in the Scholastic Book Fair this month, whether it was through book purchasing or volunteering. We hope to continue to grow our library collection with current and popular titles, and the book fair proceeds will help us toward this goal. Students had the opportunity to shop the book fair during their scheduled Library Research class as well as during the week at lunch/recess.
We always welcome book donations at any level but are in particular need of middle grade level titles so please consider sending in any books you are weeding from your home collection.
In January, we will continue to explore the importance of asking the right questions in research, completing a mini-research project that will segue into the Big6 research method.
Sue Huelsenbeck and Naomi Hoffman

Physical Education

Lower School
Health and Physical Education at the lower school will ring in the New Year by learning about and by strengthening students’ knowledge-base on the game of (indoor) soccer. Grades 2nd-4th will practice more advanced dribbling, passing, and communication skills with a progressive ability to strategize. Kindergarten and first graders will start out with introductory level classes building basic skills: emphasizing proper dribbling, passing and teamwork. All classes will round out this unit of study by playing in a mini soccer tournament within their class. Also, during the month of December Mr. P modified curricula focusing all grades energies on throwing and catching balls. Health lessons concentrated on exploration of natural foods for students in grades 2nd-4th and balancing a meal with the five food groups for grades kindergarten and first graders. If the opportunity presents itself, please speak to your child about nutrition and/or practice catching and throwing balls.
Genuinely, Zachary Plerhoples

Upper School
The 5th, 6th, and 7th grade just wrapped up their floor hockey unit. The students had a chance to show off all the skills they learned the past 6 weeks playing in small sided games against their classmates. Up next for the middle school is bowling. The students will get an opportunity to compete against other students in the school to see who can bowl the highest score. During the unit the students will learn about the history of bowling, the proper technique to roll a ball, and how to accurately keep track of their score.
Mr. Laudeman


Lower School
3rd-7th grade chorus students had a wonderful concert on December 10th, and we are already looking forward to our concert in the Spring! Students in grades K-2 have been preparing for our performance of Flakes! on December 18th. We are very excited to share our hard work with our parents! We have also been studying the music from The Nutcracker, as well as watching some of the ballet in class.
Ms. Dries

Upper School
The band and chorus did a wonderful job putting on their winter concert for the Odyssey family and community! We are already looking to the spring concert and hoping to have even more wonderful music prepared for all of our groups. Thank you families and friends who all came out to support our students for their first performance of the year.
In music, 7th grade has started working on guitar via songs that they suggested learning in class. In 6th grade we created our own acronyms to help us remember the notes of the staff and have started singing songs in simple 2 part harmony. 5th graders have been analyzing the form of some music from the Nutcracker ballet and will be working on creating their own listening maps in the New Year.
Enjoy the holiday break and make sure all your days are filled with music and happiness!
Derrick Kelley

Technology and Business Education Class

Research! Research! Research! At the Lower School the 3rd and 4th graders have begun to learn the basics of internet research – We have discussed answers to the following and more: What is a Search Engine? What are Key Words? How do you know that a website is reliable? In 2nd grade we are working hard on our typing and editing skills: students know that the more they practice, the more they will “beat” their own “score” (typing speed and accuracy).

Word Processing – Missing pieces At the Upper School we have been working on ensuring that all students know some of the basic word processing functions, such as formatting, opening/saving files, and using spell check. Most importantly, they have learned how to find out how to do things on their own by utilizing the “Help” menu.

The Hour of Code was a huge success! Students in both the upper and lower schools had the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of Computer Science and had an awesome time learning how to code during the worldwide “Hour of Code” week (December 8-12th). Students in grades 2 and 3 learned to code with “blockly” with Angry Bird and Frozen characters. 4th through 7th grade students created their own computer programs using Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/). Per the Scratch website, “Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively – essential skills for life in the 21st century.” All Lower School students received a letter home regarding this, as well as instructions on how they can do more at home via my website. Mrs. Stoume


ACE has been so exciting this month! Students have presented AMAZING Discovery Learning Projects on topics that include everything from the Chinese Zodiac to Animation. We are all learning so much. Thank you for supporting these students at home.
Each class is currently working on Service Learning Projects for the new year. This is a class project and will be done at school. Third Grade is organizing a movie night to benefit a local cancer organization. Fourth Grade is putting together a program to help struggling students in the lower grades. Fifth Grade is still coming up with a plan but, they know their project will benefit the Delaware Humane Association. Sixth Grade is planning to gain support for Faithful Friends and Seventh Grade is VERY excited to host a talent show to benefit St. Jude. Watch for more information about these opportunities in January and February.
MATH OLYMPIAD: There will be changes to the Math Olympiad schedule beginning in January. Please watch for a revised calendar. I’ll be sending home a paper copy with your mathlete. ALL TEAMS WILL MEET AT THEIR REGULARLY SCHEDULED TIMES UNTIL WINTER BREAK.
If you have a child that participates in either ACE or Math Olympiad and you have not yet signed up to receive text message updates and reminders, please sign up now. Text the appropriate code to 302-482-4012.
If you would rather receive messages via email, send a blank email to the appropriate address.

Class Text Code Email Address
3rd Grade ACE @3-ace 3-ace@mail.remind.com
4th Grade ACE @4-ace 4-ace@mail.remind.com
5th Grade ACE @5-ace 5-ace@mail.remind.com
6th Grade ACE @6-ace 6-ace@mail.remind.com
7th Grade ACE @7-ace 7-ace@mail.remind.com
4th Grade Math Olympiad @mo-4 mo-4@mail.remind.com
5th Grade Math Olympiad @mo-5 mo-5@mail.remind.com
6th Grade Math Olympiad @mo-6 mo-6@mail.remind.com
7th Grade Math Olympiad @mo-7 mo-7@mail.remind.com


School Nurse

As the weather continues to change, please be sure to dress your child appropriately for outside play. Students will have outdoor recess daily, at the discretion of the teacher. Please dress your child in warm coats, hats, gloves, and scarves to keep them warm. Please label all items your child brings to school.


Counselors Corner

Lower School
With the holidays amongst us, it has been the perfect time to discuss feelings of gratitude in Guidance. The 3rd grade, in particular, had a great time writing letters to their current or former teachers thanking them for all they do. The teachers loved receiving and reading each one! The students did an excellent job of identifying specific things they were grateful for and why.

Upper School
Lunch Bunch sessions for 5th and 6th graders have been concentrating on Bullying. We have been looking from the perspective of the “Bystander” and then we will cover the perspectives of the “Target” and the “Bully”.
In 7th grade we have been using a program called “Project Respect”. Topics covered so far have to do with the connection between “Empathy” and “Bullying” and “Conflict Resolution”. The goal in all programs is to encourage respectful ways of interacting. Presently we are concentrating on what to do if you encounter bullying and how to tell the difference between conflict and bullying.

We also want to thank the Penn Cinema on the Riverfront for donating popcorn for our PBS movie party!
Barbara Berrick and Kristin Nannas


Code of Conduct Reminder

Communication Devices
Communication devices such as, but not limited to, cellular phones and/or electronic signaling devices, may not be used at school, on field trips, and/or on the school bus without permission from an OCS staff member. The device must be silenced, out of sight to students and staff, and secured in students’ backpacks. On the first offense, a demerit will be issued, the device will be confiscated, and it will be returned to student at the conclusion of the school day. Subsequent violations will result in two demerits per incident, confiscation of device, and will only be returned to the student’s parent/guardian. Odyssey Charter School is not responsible for lost, stolen and/or damaged property. Parent should be aware that it is not the school’s responsibility to go to extraordinary effort to locate lost or stolen communication devices. Cellular phones or other communication devices capable of transmitting an audio signal or electronic image may not be used on school premises to take pictures of persons or record their conversations without prior approval from school administration.


Greetings from the OCS PTO!

Thank you to all who were able to shop at this year's Scholastic Book Fairs! The Lower School Scholastic Book Fair purchases totaled almost $9,000 and earned Odyssey $5,300 in Scholastic Dollars and the Upper School Book Fair purchases totaled $2,800 earning $1,400 in Scholastic Dollars which will be used to purchase much needed books for the Upper School Library.

Our lollipop tree was also a big hit among students at the Lower School. We had about 15 winners that were able to choose a poster from the wall and we earned $129.25 all of which will also be used to purchase library books.

Upper School students enjoyed earning raffle tickets in the weeks leading up to the book fair and we are in the midst of picking two lucky students from each Library Research class to win a poster or book from the fair.

Thank you again for supporting the book fair and your school!

Also, a big Thank You to our parent and grandparent volunteers! We could not have done this without you!

Thank you,
Jen Fleming, Shelly Towler, Naomi Hoffman
And the Odyssey Charter School PTO