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January 2015

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February 2015

Dr. Nick’s Message

Members of the Odyssey Charter School Community,

I am extremely happy and excited to inform all of you that on Thursday, February 18th, Odyssey Charter School cleared the final hurdles in the purchase of the Barley Mill Plaza property. The long sought goal of a unified K-12 campus for our school was made possible through the issuance of almost $35 million in bonds working through the Delaware Department of Economic Development and institutional investment organizations.

The details of the purchase and a good overview of the process was presented in an article on Saturday, February 21st, in the News Journal papers. View Article

As you all know well, this is an extremely exciting time for everyone associated with the school. We are thrilled to learn that the settlement process has been completed.

On behalf of the school’s administration, staff, students and everyone associated with Odyssey Charter School, I want to thank all of our Board members for their tireless work the past nine years to achieve this goal for the school. Many of our Board members have served since the founding of the school. This is a tremendous accomplishment on their part and the original visionaries who help created Odyssey.

We are now the proud owners of approximately 36 conveniently located acres and 8 buildings on the Barley Mill site that will become the new campus. In addition, this has also been a tribute to our families, students and staff who remained dedicated and committed to the school’s original vision through some very challenging times and supported the Board in getting to the finish line with this purchase. While many people played important roles in this process, the Facilities Committee of the Board, chaired by Mr. Dimitri Dandolos deserve a special recognition for their tireless efforts, along with all of the Board members, in successfully securing the property.

Additionally, Odyssey parents architect Mr. Tim Skibicki, and engineer Mr. Colm DeAscanis were instrumental in all the design work required for the regulatory processes. You have also read about our attorney, Mr. Larry Tarabicos and other attorneys with his firm who also continuously worked to assist with this process. There are many others, both within and outside of our community that helped bring this sale to a successful conclusion. I will be explaining more about all of them and the roles they played as we proceed from here. Please know they all worked incredibly hard to help make this process become a reality.

Again, you will be hearing more from us in the near future about our plans for the site and how it will impact you and your children in the coming years. This is truly cause for celebration within the Odyssey community.

Thank you all once again for your continuous support and encouragement with this project. We are all looking forward to an exciting future working together to build our new home.

Kindest regards,


Dr. Nick T. Manolakos
Odyssey Charter School


Lower School News

February has been a very busy month for our Kindergarteners. We had our 100th day celebration filled with many hands-on activities and were excited to complete this milestone! We also had our Valentine’s Day celebration where the students enjoyed exchanging Valentines with their classmates. In Reading, we have wrapped up Unit 5 and have started Unit 6 with our new author Eric Carle. This unit will focus on the skill of summarizing. In Social Studies, we have been talking and reading stories about famous African Americans for Black History month as well as studying some famous Presidents for Presidents Day. We have all stared our “Push, Pull, Go” science kits, and the students are loving the fun hands-on building activities. We look forward to Springing into March!
The Kindergarten Team

First Grade
Brrrrr…..first graders are trying to stay warm in the cold month of February! We were hoping that Punxsutawney Phil would have predicted spring! In Language Arts, we have been reading various versions of the story “Stone Soup,” including those written by Marcia Brown, Tony Ross, and Jon Muth. The Stone Soup tales have a very important message: Sharing and working with others, even if one can contribute only something small, can bring big results. Each member of our class contributed a little something to make Stone Soup. We celebrated the 100th day of school on February 10th. To celebrate the kids and the teachers dressed up like they were 100 years old! Some of the students and teachers used canes, had grey hair, and wore glasses to fast-forward a 100 years! The students also made a special 100th Day Trail Mix by using a 100th Day sorting mat to create ten groups of ten. Other holidays we celebrated included Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Chinese New Year, and Black History Month. We have many things to look forward to in March! A sneak preview includes Dr. Seuss spirit week, solids & liquids field trip, St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring, and Greek Independence Day! We love OCS and are ecstatic to hear that our school is growing to a K-12 campus.

Second Grade
Our second graders love learning these days! We are completing our research projects on various types of owls, with the focus on organizing our writing and research with nonfiction text features such as table of contents, glossary, and diagrams. A special school visit from live owls was the highlight of this unit. In science, we are engineering structures such as towers and bridges, and investigating the effect of forces on them. In social studies, a field trip to Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics enriched our learning about community helpers around us. In math, we are applying our understanding of place value to real life problems involving money, and are also integrating lessons on time and fractions. Our reading comprehension is strengthening as we hone test taking strategies, such as supporting our conclusions with text evidence. Second grade is a busy and exciting place!

Third Grade
Two snow days in February did not keep third graders from learning! In reading, we learned how to make inferences, which is similar to “reading between the lines.” Students practiced identifying all types of inferences and clues in the text. They also enjoyed reading and identifying the many features of “Trickster Tales.” In our current unit (unit 10), students are learning to pull all the inferences together to draw conclusions. We are continuing to learn about traditional literature, reading fables and identifying the morals of famous fables from Aesop. In math, our current unit is working with area, perimeter and volume. Students continue practicing their multiplication facts for automaticity. In science, we will be finishing Earth Materials and starting with Water! We ended February with our very first field trip to the DuPont Theater, where we saw a play about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. The third grade teachers are looking forward to share your child’s progress in the second marking period conferences in March. Thank you for encouraging your child to do his/her best!

Fourth Grade
The Fourth Grade students have been working hard this month and were relieved to get a surprise break with the snow and cold days! In Language Arts, we finished our unit on Comparing and Contrasting and have begun our unit on Author’s Purpose. In addition, we will be exploring tall tales like Paul Bunyan and Davy Crockett as we finish out the month. In writing, we wrapped up our eerie science fiction stories and are going to begin opinion pieces next. We are looking forward to expressing ourselves about different topics that are important to us as students. It was a long journey, but we finally finished our Fractions unit in math. We are now ready to move on to decimals and then geometry in the coming months. Finally, we took a break from our American Revolution studies and dove into the world of magnetism and electricity. We observed the power of magnets and were able to build our own circuits to light bulbs and make motors run. We will continue this unit until the end of the month. The whole fourth grade is looking forward to the next couple of months and hopefully the warm weather that it will bring!


Middle School

Social Studies

Fifth Grade
In 5th Grade Social Studies we are moving through our unit, Dueling Documents, which deals with looking at historical accounts from different points of view. Students will also look closely at non-fiction texts and analyze in what points of view they are written, so as to judge each document’s accuracy. We are trying to finally figure out who won the famous duel in history between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr by using historical evidence.
The next unit will deal with economics, which will also tie in with Junior Achievement. We are planning to go on a field trip on May 11th to Junior Achievement's Biz Town. Junior Achievement is asking for 18-20 parent volunteers. Mr. Morley will give a handout when we get closer to the date. If you have interest in being a chaperone, please email Mr. Morley. I have a few parents so far, but we NEED more parent support!!! Thank you for your support in advance.
Mr. Morley

Sixth Grade
The sixth graders are wrapping up a mini unit on African American History, and beginning to study economic systems. The students will explore three basic economic questions: What to produce? How to produce? And Who received the products? The students will participate in activities that compare different types of economies, and then complete a task where they research how the production of one good has changed over time.
Ms. Beeson

Seventh Grade
The students of the 7th grade have started their big historical research project. The theme of the project is Leadership and Legacy. Students will be conducting research on a moment in time a person showed leadership and established a legacy. They will be analyzing a multitude of sources to support their thesis on their topic. The students are working hard and making progress. I cannot wait to see the final projects!.
Mr. Altmeier


Fifth Grade
Fifth grade math students are done with decimals and are now conquering fractions! Our first step is to master adding and subtracting fractions. We are already halfway through module three and will be moving on to multiplication and division of fractions next. This group of 5th graders continue to excel, evident in their midyear STAR results!!!
Mrs. Reynolds

Sixth Grade
In our sixth grade math class, we have just wrapped up our geometry unit. It was definitely a favorite among students! We were exploring surface area and volume with nets and 3-dimensional figures, and we were also practicing our graphing skills with polygons on the coordinate plane. We did a reflection activity on graph paper, which created some very cool and unique designs out of triangles and parallelograms. Our next unit will be dealing with decimal operations. Students will be working with percents as well, as we learn how to calculate tips, discounts, and taxes. We have some very neat, real-world problem solving ahead of us in the coming weeks!
Ms. Rehrig

Seventh Grade
We are in the middle of our Moving Straight Ahead unit in 7th grade math. Students are learning how to understand linear relationships including equations, graphs, and tables. The students started by finding their walking rates that tell them how fast they walk! We used this information to find how long it would take them to walk 500 meters or how far they would get in 1 hour. Students enjoyed finding their walking rates and using them to create graphs, equations, and tables. We are watching their understanding of these relationships grow. We will begin looking at solutions to equations using both tables and algebraic solving. Our next unit will be about probability and expectations! I look forward to seeing the growth within these topics!
Ms. Vinton


Fifth Grade
Mixtures & Solutions Kit is coming to an end.
We have completed the first 3 investigations:

    Investigation 1: Separating Mixtures
    Investigation 2: Reaching Saturation
    Investigation 3: Concentration
    Investigation 4: Fizz Quiz – wrapping up
Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

We have reviewed the scientific method, the different variables (dependent, independent, controlled) This will be on the test. Students will be able to use a resource for the meaning of each variable, BUT next year they will have to know it. Why wait? Ask your child how they remember what each variable means in an experiment. If they get stuck, remind them of the examples done in class. (1. student wants to know how much the slop (or tilt) of land affects erosion. 2. Student was wondering whether magnets worked through liquid and solids. 3. Student wanted to find out how much water different plants give off through their leaves.)
    Dependent variable: measured
    Controlled variables: staying the same
    Independent variable: the one changing
(the worksheet with examples will be sent home at the end of this week)

Coming Up: Earth & Space!

Thank you so much to the parents with the “tricks of the trade” for remembering Solvent and Solute. Also, a BIG thank you for the Valentine’s candy! You might be shocked to know that it is ALL gone and not one morsel wasted!

Tricks of the Trade: Identifying Variables: How do you remember which is which?

BrainPop.com. Have a snow day or free time and your child is bored? Sign-on to BrainPOP.com. Click on start a new account at the bottom of the screen, fill in your information and look for Mrs. Horgan’s Science Class Period 1, 3, 4, 5 or 9. The code will be: madscience_ - the underscore will be the period of the class. Example of code: madscience5 because Johnny has science during period 5. Any quiz that your child takes will go towards extra credit. It’s a good idea for them to work in a current concept area. We have reviewed Science Inquiry AND Practices, Ecosystems, and S.T.E.M. careers and NOW Mixtures & Solutions or Chemical Reactions.
Mrs. Horgan

Sixth Grade
Greetings from the Sixth Grade Science Classroom!
During the month of February, our friends in sixth grade science have been investigating forces and motion. At the start of the month, students began investigating the force of gravity and human pushing and pulling forces. After learning about gravity, students conducted investigations and demonstrations to identify forces acting on objects. Students learned that some forces are easy to identify and others are more difficult to recognize. To wrap-up our unit, students have been creating force diagrams to examine forces in more detail. Force diagrams describe the size and direction of the force in action and students can examine the overall effect of all the forces acting on the object.
Ms. Manolakos

Seventh Grade
This month in 7th grade science, students have been becoming experts in the field of genetics. From Punnett Squares to Pedigrees, students can tell what traits are dominant, recessive, and the likelihood of the traits showing up in following generations. Diversity among populations were also discussed, and students created their very own "critters" to model diversity among the classroom. To wrap up the unit, students will be asking their family members about dominant and recessive traits, disorders, and diseases that run in their family. Each student will complete their very own Pedigree followed by a research paper.
Ms. Adamek

English Language Arts

Fifth Grade
In February, the fifth grade began a writer’s workshop unit on Opinion Texts. We are learning to write strong opinion pieces where the writer states a clear position and support it with evidence and reasons. During this unit, we read and evaluated opinion text and students have been encouraged to voice their opinions on various topics. This exciting unit will continue into early March, as well. You can help your child by having conversations in which you share your opinions and reasons about everyday experiences, movies, food, books, television shows, music, and art. This can also be linked with the reading strategy of comparing and contrasting where they engage in exercises such as explaining their support of one book over another.

Here are some questions that you could ask your child about to engage them in conversation:

  • What is your opinion on_____? What reasons are you giving to support it?
  • What part of opinion writing is difficult for you?
  • What are you forming opinions about? Thank you for all the support you are showing your child.

Mrs. Yarram and Ms. Potochney

Sixth Grade
February has been a great month for our Sixth Grade ELA classes! First, we went on a field trip to see the play “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, which gave students the experience of viewing a live version of a popular book and is in alignment with our 6th grade Common Core Reading Standards for Literature. We also completed a unit on nonfiction text structures, in which students read about some very interesting topics, including a prehistoric “Supercroc” and the first emperor of China. Next month, we will begin an in-depth poetry unit where students will be reading, interpreting, analyzing, writing, and presenting their very own poems. So stay tuned!
Ms. Dawson and Mrs. Manley

Seventh Grade
In ELA we have just wrapped up our unit on mood, tone and style. Students studied fables, folktales, fairytales and poems to develop a deep understanding of the literary terms. We are keeping a close watch on the research project that’s in progress for social studies. At home ask students to use descriptive language and summarizing skills by using imagery and their literary terms above. We are moving into poetry next, so we ask that students get their creative juices flowing.
Ms. Todd and Ms. Stockl


Greek Classes

Dear Kindergarten families, Our kindergarteners are continuing their journey through the Greek language, this time by learning the various animals that live on the farm, the forest and the jungle. We are having lots of fun in the classroom by singing songs and describing our favorite animal.
In Greek math we are currently learning to count by ten all the way to 100! We also learned fun facts about double digit numbers through games, activities and exciting competitions inside the classrooms. We hope that you are all staying happy and warm! Best regards from the Greek kindergarten team!
The Greek Kindergarten Team

First Grade
1- The 1st Grade Students have been learning about the farm animals. They have read a song about “Dear Granny’s Farm” and have been working on an adaptation of the song, in a story form. The reading strategies which are applied are: to compare and contrast information using a Venn Diagram, to create a time line, and to retell a story using Shared Writing.
February was a very busy month for First Grade Greek Math. We have been learning about time. First graders now know how to tell time in Greek to the nearest minute! We used our new acquired skills to make Valentine's cards that read "I love you all the time". Children had lots of fun making their cards and clocks! Please take a look at their beautiful work!
Until next time…
Elpida Bairaktari, Evi Sourlou &Niki Tantalou

Second Grade
Dear Parents,
The second graders have been working diligently in both Greek language and Greek Math. Upon completion of our unit on chores, we began working on hobbies. Students are learning how to formulate sentences and explain what they do after school and on the weekends. They have been learning through play and movement as a class, in small groups, and in partners. This is one of our units that focuses a lot on literacy so the children will be exposed to Greek text that they will have to read, comprehend and write about. In Math, the students have moved beyond simply telling time to the five minute mark and progressed to reading time to the nearest minute. They can also calculate elapsed time using various tools and methods.

We also celebrated the hundredth day of school this month as well as valentine's day. For the hundredth day of school, each class completed a challenge to write at least 100 words, one for each day of school without the help of the teacher. Each of the classes was successful in this endeavor. For Valentine's Day, the students wrote Greek words that reminded them of Valentine's Day and constructed a tree of warm wishes. The Second Grade Team
Tina Iliadis, Sophia Vazou & William Dounavis

Third Grade
In 3rd Grade Greek Language, students have been working on the biggest European countries, their capitals and most famous attractions. They also learned in Greek about traditional foods, costumes, languages and nationalities as well as different transportations to move from place to place. Students played online and cardboard games, they made post cards as well as their own “Favorite European Country” projects. For the 100 days of school and St. Valentine’s Day students made relevant bulletin boards as well as “love” postcards. A unit about our past and common history is what comes next.
In 3rd Grade Greek Math, students worked on time telling, elapsed time word problems and on how to “read” a train schedule in Greek. They also played card games such as “I have, who has”. Fractions is what follows starting this week.
Fragitsa Cambouri, Ourania Lalioti, Panagiotis Tsakalis


Fourth Grade
Our lovely fourth graders have been diligently working on communicating with one another what item(s) of clothes they are wearing now (present tense) and what they wore yesterday (past tense) in relation to the weather conditions, the months and the seasons. They have been role playing with the items they have in their closets and the items they would like to purchase from the mall. They also learned about the myth of Persephone which is related to the four seasons and the climate changes. In our remediation program the students have been sounding out the syllables of these items, through interactive games as a team and individually and have accomplished a lot in the past month.

Once a week students are also introduced to a new lesson on Greek Culture : Geography, History and Mythology . This month they learned about the geographical location of Greece as well as the climate, the population the capital and other big cities. They learned about the Minoan civilization which is related to the island of Crete in relation to two myths that took place there : The myth of Europe and the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Additionally, they “traveled” to the ancient Greek city- states , learned about the golden age of Athens and the history of the Parthenon with the use of visual materials (power point, videos , literature).

In Greek math our 4th graders learned how to simplify, find equivalent fractions, change mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators. We also learned how to multiply and divide fractions. Finally we challenged our learning about fractions in practice by solving multi step word problems. The children were then asked to go fraction hunting over the 4 days break and the turnout was great. The children did enjoy finding fractions in their everyday life and sharing their project in class with their classmates.

We have just started talking about decimals and how we change fractions into decimals. We will continue our learning about decimal numbers and use money and length measurement as a reference.

We are very proud of them all!
Anna Stoupaki, Tsourka Thaleia, Alexandra Pantelidis

Fifth Grade
In Greek Math students learn how to calculate additions/subtractions with mixed fractions. The students solve the exercises by using pictures for the mixed fractions as well as the least common multiple method for the calculations of the additions/subtractions.
Yiannis Kokkinomalis

Sixth Grade
This month we are studying time, the calendar, the seasons and how the concept of time changes across cultures and centuries. This month, a group of students “won” the lottery, and were chosen to develop a hands-on project in relation to the topic of the four seasons. They created a very clever multi-media project about fashion and dress for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. As an element of our time-related course content, we have explored the numbers, fractions and geometry of the clock, a lesson which supports our ongoing endeavor to bridge curriculum between the 6th Grade Greek Language and Greek Math classes.
Kyriakoula Micha & Vassillios Guidoglou

Seventh Grade
7th graders are moving on fast in our Greek Math class. We are currently exploring the world of equations trying to challenge ourselves with hard cases including fractions in the equations. By the end of this week we will be moving to our new chapter, percentages. Hopefully we will complete this also by the end of the month. Have a great week to all.
Konstantia Dimas

Greek Culture
The students at OCS have spent a lot of time analyzing, reading, writing and crafting everything associated with the story about Theseus and the Minotaur. Additionally, they have been learning about ancient Greek pottery and vases. They have learned that pots and vases had many uses in Ancient Greece, beyond art and aesthetics. After discussing and making inferences about this aspect of Greek culture, they attempted to emulate ancient Greek artists by designing their own stories on Greek vases. Next month we look forward to learning about apokries, the Greek version of Carnival and everything about Greek Independence Day.
Best wishes,
Giannis Sporidis (K), Niki Tantalou (1st), Tina Iliadis (2nd)




Lower School
Follow us on Twitter! @roosma_art Technology forms ONLY NEED TO BE RETURNED IF YOUR CHILD MAY NOT PARTICIPATE. Please clarify if you sent it back without checking the "NO" statement. Kindergarten is working on self-portraits of what we will look like at 100 years old! First grade is making finger paint renditions of Monet's water lily pond. Second grade is making artistic representations of the owls they researched in their homerooms. Third grade continues a study of ancient Egyptian art by making desert landscape collages and Egyptian collars. Fourth graders are finishing up scrap books of all the things they learned during their Titanic unit.
Mrs. Roosma

Upper School
5th and 6th grade students have been weaving on cardboard looms for the past 3-4 weeks. They learned about various cultures that weave, types of weaving, and different techniques that they can use in their artwork. Coming up next for our 5th graders are Georgia O’Keeffe flowers in pastel. For 6th grade, they will learn about shadows, cast shadows, and highlights in objects while practicing in their sketchbooks. 7th grade students have been creating clay projects using the slab technique, and most of the students are creating containers, plaques, or sculptures.
Mrs. Ciriaco


Lower School
We are learning how to re-shelve books according to call label. We continue to familiarize ourselves with the Dewey Decimal System, which is the way our non-fiction books are shelved. This skill will follow us, whether we are using the Odyssey Charter School library, our local public library, or any library in the country! We are using our library resources for classroom projects, such as our owl study in second grade and our study of biography in third grade. Our students are very responsible book borrowers!
Mrs. Graham

Upper School
In Library Research class this month, we are continuing to work on our research projects. These multi-week projects will account for the main portion of the grade for Marking Period 3. 5th grade teams have come up with some great themes for their ABC picture books. We can't wait to see how they all turn out!
6th and 7th graders are becoming more familiar with navigating UDLibSearch as a reliable online research resource. 6th graders are working in pairs and small groups to research a chosen topic to present to the class. 7th graders will use Library Research class to work on their current Social Studies research project with the objective of creating an abstract and mini-presentation for our class.
Thanks to your generosity at our December Scholastic Book Fairs, we were able to purchase 199 fiction and non-fiction books for the Upper and Lower libraries! We are hard at work on processing them now and hope to have them all on the shelves and ready for checkout in the next few weeks.
We welcome donations of new or slightly used books. If possible, please send them to the Upper School since they need to be processed there.
Sue Huelsenbeck and Naomi Hoffman

Physical Education

Lower School
The month of March starts a series of scoop ball games as students in all grades of the lower school continue practicing team sports games. Kindergarten and first grade focus on gaining control of their bodies while playing with different apparatus and moving through space. The games are a bit more competitive in second through fourth grade.

Students will be building team “strategy skills” working with others on their team and using each other’s strengths. These team skills are crucial in students’ overall ability to socialize and work positively with different types of people in various settings. All grades’ health lessons will be centered on healthy communication. Third and fourth grade students will learn about listening and empathizing and all grades will focus on “I think/feel” statements, along with proper body language and speech.

Remember that last month’s lessons were focused on soccer and nutrition (balanced plates for kindergarten and first grades and understanding nutrition for second, third and fourth grades). Try to make the time to speak with your children about soccer and nutrition.
Genuinely, Zachary Plerhoples

Upper School
The middle school just finished their bowling unit. Over the past 5 weeks the children learned the proper technique to rolling a bowling ball as well as how to accurately keep score. In addition, there was a competition between all of the classes to see who could bowl the best game. Congratulations to our 5 highest scorers:

    Kate Schubert
    Lilly Poitras
    Tyler Christie
    Lilly Wenzel
    Frank Schubert
Mr. Laudeman


Lower School
My name is Julianne Boyle and I am writing to introduce myself to everyone at Odyssey Charter. I will be student teaching here under Ms. Dries for the next six weeks. I am very grateful that Odyssey Charter has opened up its doors to me and allowed me to have this great teaching experience! I am a senior at the University of Delaware and in May I will be graduating with a Bachelors of Music in Music Education with a concentration in percussion. During my time at UD I have taken full advantage of the variety of programs that the music department has to offer. I have been a member of the University of Delaware’s Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. I have also been a member of the University of Delaware’s percussion ensemble, which has allowed me to travel to Trinidad and Tobago to perform with the University of West Indies’ students. I am also a member of Delaware Steel, the University of Delaware’s community steel band. With this ensemble, I have traveled to places such as Vienna, Austria and Israel to put on concerts for the public and give workshops in the schools. I have been able to work one on one with children all over the world to teach them about the steel drums. As much as I have enjoyed performing with all of these ensembles, teaching is truly my passion. I am looking forward to beginning my student teaching and I could not be more excited to be teaching here at Odyssey Charter!
Ms. Dries

Upper School
Band is back into full swing with after school rehearsals and everyone has started to work on their new music for the spring concert. With more time to prepare we are sure to top the performance we put on this winter!

5th grade has just begun working on recorders, picking up where they left off last year. Recorders are a great way to explore reading skills, musicianship, playing as an ensemble, and expressing ourselves musically in the classroom. In 6th grade we have just finished giving critiques of some of our favorite pieces of music and will be moving on to playing percussion and learning about some of the more advanced percussion instruments in the band. We were also able to get a donorschoose.org program funded for a classroom set of boomwhackers which will be an excellent stepping stone from percussion to understanding the mechanics of how sound is produced and scales are made! 7th grade will be digging into musical influence and how outside sources provide the creative material for music, and also, how music can be an inspiration for other forms of art.
Derrick Kelley

Technology and Business Education Class

WP Skills & SBA Prep In the Lower School 3rd grade students have just about finished their Wonder project – in addition to typing, skills learned and/or practiced include: opening & saving a file, spell check, spacing, indent, zoom, and internet research. The 2nd grade students have been learning all about the internet – ask them if the internet and the World Wide Web are the same thing! The 4th grade students have all done amazingly well with typing – all have been tested in a “completely blind” format (keys covered, monitors off) and most students passed with flying colors! Finally, in preparation for the Smarter Balanced Assessments, both 3rd and 4th grade students have been learning skills that will assist them during the exam, such as using the right click menu.

Spreadsheets, Presentations, & Career Research: Upper School students have begun their new projects and are very excited. 5th grade students have begun to enter their individual “Income and Expenses” information into their “My Budget” spreadsheet – some classes have even begun entering formulas for automatic calculations. 6th grade and 7th grade students are both working with presentation software (OpenOffice Impress – similar to PowerPoint). 6th graders are creating a presentation on one of their favorite subjects: themselves! 7th grade students are using the internet to research career information and then inserting this information into their slide document – they have begun with taking the iSeek Careers Career Cluster Interest Survey to find out which career clusters match their interests. Motivation all around is quite high – it’s awesome to see!
Mrs. Stoume

News from your Food Service Staff

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your cooperation as we transitioned to the new software system over the past month. If you still have not registered your account, please be sure to do so by going to MySchoolAccount.
This new system allows you to pre-order your children’s meals. You will still need to view the school’s website if you wish to view the menus before you make your choices. Please go here and select “Menu of the Month.”

It is very important that you keep your account balances current. The school relies on your support in order to provide our students with a healthy meal each day. When your account becomes negative, we send notices and make phone calls in order to collect the overdue balances. Unfortunately, if the problem persists, we are forced to stop providing meals to your child until the account becomes current. Please do not let this happen to your child.

We hope your children are enjoying the healthy and delicious meals that are being prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff! For only having been in operation for 6 months, we feel we are providing a wonderful service to all of our students!

If you have any questions or concerns about the cafeteria in general, or need to speak with someone regarding your account, please email me or Mr. John Koninis or call at (302) 994-6490 ext 125.

Thank you, everyone!
Mary Righos
School Nutrition Program/Financial Administrator


School Nurse

Mrs. Tzinoudis & Mrs. Lowe


Counselors Corner

Lower School
Kindergarten is continuing to meet new Jellybean Friends while learning about sharing and manners. First graders are doing a great job identifying why honesty and telling the truth are important. Second graders are thinking about their different kinds of "smarts" and specific areas they excel in. Third grade has been discussing empathy and how to relate to other classmate's feelings.

Upper School
Our 5th, 6th and 7th grade students continue to be "awesome"! 5th grade guidance lessons have been continuing with bullying and learning to appreciate individual differences. 6th grade lessons have also been concentrating on bullying and on how to deal with any worries about taking tests. 7th graders are continuing on our "Project of Respect" lessons. The topic for this month is "Being a Good Digital Citizen". Parents can assist in this endeavor by closely monitoring what your child does on social media.
Barbara Berrick & Kristin Nannas


Communication Reminders

Late for School/Early Dismissal
Coming to school on time and remaining in school for a full day is imperative for a successful educational career. Tardies and early dismissals are counterproductive to the educational process. Every effort should be made to assure that students arrive at school on time and stay in school until dismissal.

Upper School (Grades 5 and above) Students are expected to arrive in school between 7:55-8:10 AM. Students arriving after 8:15 AM are considered tardy. Tardy students must be accompanied by a parent to the main office to be signed in.

Lower School (Grades K-4) Students are expected to arrive to school between 8:15-8:30 AM. Students arriving after 8:30 AM are considered tardy. A parent must accompany tardy students to the main office to be signed in.

For safety reasons and accountability, a parent/guardian must accompany the child into school and sign the child in at the main office. If the lateness is excused (doctor’s appointment, family emergency, medical illness, etc.), the student will not be penalized.

A parental note of explanation does not necessarily excuse a lateness or early dismissal. Reasons such as car trouble, personal business, heavy traffic, needed at home, etc., while understandable, will be marked as unexcused. Reasons such as personal illness, medical or healthcare appointments, and appearances in court will be considered as excused when verified by a note from the applicable source (doctor’s note, etc.). If a student is late to school or has an early dismissal, he or she must present a note stating the reason for lateness or early dismissal.

Instructional time is lost when a student misses any portion of the academic day. When a student accumulates any combination of three (3) unexcused late arrivals and/or unexcused early dismissals, a warning letter will be sent home. When a student accumulates any combination of 10 unexcused late arrivals and/or unexcused early dismissals, a meeting with an administrator will be required. The administration may recommend that the student not be invited to return to Odyssey Charter School for the following academic year.


Greetings from the OCS PTO!

Spring is only a few short weeks away! Pull out your calendars and make some plans to get out and about supporting Odyssey and the PTO!

  • Family Fun Event at the Friendly’s in Lantana Square, Hockessin, on Tuesday, March 24th from 5pm to 8pm! OCS receives 10% of all sales during this time!

  • Greek Heritage Night at the Philadelphia 76ers’ game on April 13th – no transportation will be provided, but we’d love to see you there!

  • All PTO Officer positions will be vacant for the 2015 -2016 school year. Nominations to fill the officer positions begin April 1st, with voting held at the May PTO Meeting. See full descriptions here on the OCS website (brief summary below):
    • President: Coordinates the work of the officers and various committees; represents the PTO in any meetings with the school.
    • Vice President of Administration: Acts as an aide to the President.
    • Vice President of Membership: Recruits and manages volunteers throughout the year.
    • Recording Secretary: Takes notes to record the minutes at PTO meetings.
    • Correspondence Secretary: Responsible for the PTO newsletters and social media.
    • Treasurer: Keeps an accurate and detailed account of all income and expenses for the PTO.

We need volunteers for:
  • Our libraries need your help! Sign up today, the Upper School is especially short. Lower School has a few spots.

  • Still need four Pretzel Tuesday volunteer spots covered!

Next Month

We hope to see you at the next PTO meeting!
Thank you,
Odyssey Charter School PTO