Odyssey Charter School

Odyssey Charter School is a publicly-funded Kindergarten through 8th grade elementary school located in Wilmington, Delaware. Since its inception in 2006, Odyssey Charter School has provided the families of Delaware with a first-class public school education.

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Congratulations to OCS Upper School Class of 2016

On June 9th, OCS graduated its first 8th grade class as they matriculate to high school. With a beautiful day on our athletic field as the backdrop, the 8th grade teachers coordinated a stellar Moving Up ceremony to celebrate the occasion. We wish our graduates much success as they commence their high school careers, well prepared for the challenges ahead.


OCS Wins Big at UD’s Meaningful Economics Competition

The Meaningful Economics competition is a program designed to recognize student achievement in acquiring and applying knowledge in economics, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. The Competition is sponsored by University of Delaware’s Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship and the Delaware Financial Literacy Institute. The event works on many levels (in addition to addressing the state standards in economics/social studies) such as creative and critical problem solving and thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and communication skills. OCS congratulates all our student representatives and their achievement in this event:

3rd Grade Team 1

  • 2nd Place Winners in Test Contest (Each team takes a written test on basic skills in Economics, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship)
  • Joey Brooks
  • Ellie Newton
  • Gavin Parks
  • Gabe Welch
3rd Grade Team 2
  • Jaylani Augusthy
  • Gavin Cassidy
  • Sydney Fauser
  • Eesha Sagiraju
4th Grade Team 1
  • 3rd Place Winners in Test Taking
  • Anastasia Goodchild
  • Ben Nerlinger
  • Nate Reid
  • Ella Wicks
4th Grade Team 2
  • 3rd Place Winners in Test Taking
  • 3rd Place Winners in Production (Each team is given a set of directions and a time limit to produce an item according to directions. They are judged on quantity and quality.)
  • Dawson Anderson
  • Victoria Phillips
  • Katie Skibicki
  • Irwin Wang
5th Grade Team 1
  • 4th Place Winners in Test Taking
  • Isabelle Bruening
  • Tanvi Joshi
  • Shannon O'Sullivan
5th Grade Team 2
  • 3rd Place Winners in Test Taking
  • 4th Place Winners in Production
  • Evi Kontomaris
  • Leah Koslowsky
  • Kylie Sica
  • Ella Trembanis


Excellence in Academics Award

Dr. Manolakos accepted the Excellence in Academics Award as Odyssey, under his guidance, continues to sustain performance improvements at a time when our school is welcoming many newly choiced-in students at the upper grades.

This year Odyssey delivered outstanding results in the new Smarter Balanced statewide testing, as seen below. Our teachers and administrators joined together to ensure our students demonstrated their academic strength. Many grades performed at ~30% to 50% better than their peers across the state!


Grade OCS Proficiency State Proficiency Diff - %
3 72 53 27
4 71 46 36
5 77 37 51
6 60 34 44
7 63 36 43


Grade OCS Proficiency State Proficiency Diff - %
3 75 54 28
4 77 53 32
5 87 55 37
6 72 48 34
7 60 34 44


Impact Leadership Award

The Impact Award recognizes the school’s administrative leaders for significant educational improvements while utilizing innovative or creative approaches to addressing a compelling student need. After Dr. Manolakos won it last year, this year it was extended to the 2nd line of leadership - and fittingly Denise Parks was selected as the top leader in the Delaware charter school community. She was honored for her continued efforts to draw our administrative philosophy forward.