Paving the Way to Our Future - Odyssey Charter School - 2018

Dear Families and Friends of Odyssey Charter School,

This past year has been very exciting for Odyssey as the school continues to grow into its Barley Mill Campus. In the past year Odyssey’s High School has continued its growth and the Lower School has grown to accommodate the increased number of students who wish to attend our school. Teachers, staff and students continue to earn accolades. We are particularly proud that an OCS teacher was selected as the State Charter School teacher of the year. Our students’ test scores spoke and continue to speak volumes about the level of commitment that our teachers bring with them every day.

The OCS PTO’s Paving the Way to Our Future campaign is our largest annual fundraising event and runs through May 25th this year. By making a contribution to the school through this event we make a visible show of support for our amazing school and staff. Our contributions go directly to our students. In the past, funds raised during the Paving the Way campaign have been used to fund the construction of both playgrounds, SMART boards & ELMO projectors for several grades, sports equipment, middle school student council membership, library books, Accelerated Reader program and prizes, other miscellaneous playground equipment (basketball nets and assorted sports balls), Discovery Education software, campus signs/flags and teacher supplies and maintenance equipment. As Odyssey continues to grow quickly, it is in need of a variety of resources. This year the PTO would like to fund some upgraded signage for our school, lend financial support for the construction of a garden and explore possible security enhancements for our campus.

In prior years, the support from the families and friends of OCS was overwhelmingly positive in support of our initiative to raise funds for our classrooms. This year is unique in that there is also a Capital Campaign underway to raise money to construct key facilities, like a gym, on our campus. We strongly encourage OCS families to consider supporting both of these important fundraising campaigns.

Please take a moment to complete the contribution form and send it back to school with your tax-deductible contribution or make a contribution by credit card (click on button below) by May 25th. We all make a difference and every donation counts! Please keep in mind that many employers have programs available to match your charitable donation. Thank you for your contribution!