Odyssey Charter School

Odyssey Charter School is a publicly-funded Kindergarten through 9th grade elementary school located in Wilmington, Delaware. Since its inception in 2006, Odyssey Charter School has provided the families of Delaware with a first-class public school education.

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Headmaster's Message

March 1, 2017

Happy spring! I am not sure it is official, but it is sure starting to feel that way around Odyssey!

We are extremely happy to be able to share with all of you the latest edition of the OCS Monthly Newsletter. Many of us are also very excited that we have a new venue for communication with our families. It is our hope that in some small way, this newsletter continues to contribute to the overall information flow from the school to our community …

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Weekly Parent Communication 4/24/17

Date Event Time
Tue 4/25 BPA
Heart & Sole
HS Boys Baseball
Track & Field
HS Girls Softball
MS Boys Baseball Game vs Collegium Charter
HS Girls Softball Game vs Newark High School
Student Council
3:30-4:45 US Rm 214
Pick Up 5pm - Thundersticks
3:06-5:00 Baynard
3:30-5:00 Rockford (Fld 1)
3:45 Rockford

4:00 Newark HS

3:45-4:30 Rm 242
Wed 4/26 Math Olympiad (Travel Team)
HS Boys Baseball Game vs Wilm Friends
MS Boys Baseball
Track & Field
3:45-5:00 Library
3:45 Wilm Friends
3:30-5:30 Rockford Park
3:06-5:00 Baynard
Thurs 4/27 NJHS Meeting
HS Boys Baseball
Track & Field
HS Girls Softball
Running/Walking Club
MS Girls Softball Game vs PS DuPont
7:15 – Drop off HS
3:06-5:00 OCS
3:06-5:00 Baynard
3:30-5:00 Rockford
4:00-4:45 OCS
3:45 PS DuPont
Fri 4/28 HS Girls Softball Game vs Glasgow
HS Boys Baseball
Upper School Movie Night (Max PG)
3:45 Glasgow
3:06-5:30 Rockford
6:00-8:00 St. Thomas
Sat 4/29 Ties & Pearls Dance 5-7pm or 7:30-9:30pm Millcreek Firehall

Strategic Plan Goals & Committees

Odyssey Charter School's New Strategic Plan! We need you! For details and to volunteer, click here.

  • Home Access Center

    The Odyssey Charter School is excited to provide the Home Access Center (HAC) to guardians of students in grades 5 through 9.

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  • OCS Open House

    Materials from our Open House events are available below. Please click on links to view.

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News & Events

Greek Independence Day

On March 24, 2017, a Resolution was passed by the US Senate, introduced by U.S. Senator Mr. Memendez, and supported by our own U.S. Senator, Mr. Coons. This resolution explains the mutual feelings of the United States of America and the country of Greece, towards Democracy, Liberty, and the value of the Greek language, and also comments on the close collaboration between US and Greece over the past 196 years.

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The Certificate of Attainment in Greek

Please be advised that the Center for the Greek Language, which oversees the administration of the Ellinomatheia exams, has announced an extension of the deadline for receiving applications and fees for registration to take the Ellinomatheia exam. The new deadline for registration is March 26, 2017.

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Paving the Way to Our Future

The OCS PTO’s Paving the Way to Our Future campaign is our largest annual fundraising event and runs through April 1st this year. By making a contribution to the school through this event we make a visible show of support for our amazing school and staff.

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Yearbook 2016-2017

Click on the links to order your Yearbook now!

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Board Meeting Updates

The School Board will meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Elementary School Bldg #20, at 7:00pm.
Due to the 3rd Wednesday falling during Spring Break, the next meeting has been scheduled for April 26th.

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