Individual candidates can have access to their results through the web page of the Center for the Greek Language with the use of:

a) The code number of the exam center

b) The candidate’s registration code

c) The candidate’s surname

Please note: For a Certificate of Attainment in Greek to be issued, the candidate must pass all skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing and use of Greek (for levels B2, C1 and C2). In case they fail even one of them, they fail the whole examination. Detailed examination results are sent to examination centers in late July and report which skills have been passed or failed using the indication Pass (Επιτυχία) or Fail (Αποτυχία).

The certificates for the successful candidates are sent to examination centers by the end of September. Final assessment of successful candidates does not appear on certificates in numerical terms; only the following classifications are used: Good, Very Good or Excellent. According to the Presidential Decree 363/1998 (Government Gazette 242/A ́/29.10.98, article 4, paragraph 1c and article 9, paragraph 1), all candidates have the right to submit a request in writing for re-assessment of their examination papers paying a fee of 60 euros, within two months after the publication of the examination results from the CGL. The re-assessment is conducted by evaluators appointed by the CGL without the presence of the candidates. The overall result ranking (Good, Very Good, Excellent), but not the individual specific mark in each skill, is announced to the candidates. In case a certificate is lost, the candidate may apply to the CGL for the certificate to be re-issued, after depositing the relevant fee specified by the CGL each year. The reason for such a request must be clearly stated in the relevant application.