The Mission of Odyssey Charter School is to prepare students for a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, develop a keen awareness of world citizenship and culture and establish critical thinking and problem-solving proficiency through the added learning of the Modern Greek language and Mathematics focus.

The Goals of Odyssey Charter School are to provide students with an enriched learning environment that will:

  • Enable students to excel academically by providing a structured dual language program integrated with a rigorous core curriculum, while encouraging the development of effective critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Enhance each student’s understanding of Mathematics, English, Science, and other Western languages by utilizing the Modern Greek language, with a Mathematics focus, as a vehicle to explore the roots of vocabulary, mathematical concepts, and scientific theories.
  • Prepare students to demonstrate exceptional understanding and academic achievement through standardized testing and other credentialing methods.
  • Assist students in the development of a broader world view through exposure to other World cultures.
  • Teach students the value of respectful and responsible citizenship as a critical component to the development of an appreciation for democracy and diversity.
  • Nurture and value the special qualities and abilities of each student in a way that will foster a desire to become academically and educationally successful.
  • Encourage the involvement and engagement of parents in the education process to enhance and enrich learning opportunities for students.