In 2006, Odyssey Charter School opened its doors as Delaware’s first mathematics content focused, 2nd language (Greek) elementary education charter school.

Odyssey has strong academics, insight into the classical learning ideals of Hellenism, a small-school environment, and a fresh approach to learning.

Odyssey Charter School was rated a Superior School by Delaware’s Department of Education in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

General Information

Parents may report absences by calling the main office at 302-516-8000. Students must have a note upon return to school to excuse absences. Any student who has been out 3 days or more must have a note from the physician upon their return to school.

Early Dismissal
A student who is ill or injured will be assessed by the school nurse. If it is determined by the nurse that the student cannot or should not remain in school for the remainder of the day, the nurse will contact the parent/guardian to arrange for early pick up of the student. Please make sure all contact information is up-to-date.
In order to protect the safety and welfare of all our students, parents and guardians are reminded of the following:

  • Please do not text message or email teachers about dismissal changes.
  • All dismissal changes must be in writing and come to school with the student no later than the morning of the change. (No emails, faxes, or phone calls.)
  • Only emergency dismissal changes are allowed until 2:00 by calling the office.
  • There are no early dismissals after 2:45 from LS and IS. No early dismissals after 2:30 from US/HS.
  • A valid photo ID must be shown when picking up students up from the office and in carline.
  • A valid photo ID will be held when visiting the building. The ID will be returned when the visitor badge is returned to office.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Emergency Closings/Delayed Openings
If a decision is made to close school or dismiss early due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstance, school administration will notify parents through the Blackboard Connect notification system. In addition, information regarding school closures and early dismissals can be obtained through local radio stations and the official state website for school closures, SchoolClosings.Delaware.Gov.

Visiting Odyssey
All Parents and other visitors MUST report to the office to receive a visitor’s identification badge before proceeding to any other area of the school. All visitors will be required to submit a Photo ID or license prior to receiving a badge, and must sign in and out. Parents will not be allowed to go to their child’s classroom while school is in session without an arranged meeting with the teacher.

Door Security & Announcing Yourself
During the school day entry to the Odyssey can only be attained by ringing the doorbell. You will be asked to announce your reason for requesting entry. In rare circumstances, for the safety of our students it may be necessary to temporarily deny entry. In these cases we will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and we appreciate your understanding.

Forgotten Items/Messages
Every day many items are dropped off at school for delivery to students. These items should be labeled with the student’s name and grade. Items will be kept in the main office, and teachers will be notified to send students. While office staff works to ensure that students receive the items that were dropped off, OCS staff cannot guarantee students will receive their items on the same day they are dropped off, nor is OCS staff responsible for the items. Also please note that office staff is instructed to not interrupt class for forgotten items or to deliver messages.

To change your child’s address, please submit new proof of residence documents as indicated here.

Code of Conduct

The successful operation of a school requires the cooperation of many people.

By enrolling at Odyssey Charter School we expect that our students and their families will abide by our philosophy and policies. The professional staff and Board have established rules and guidelines for maintaining high standards for student conduct which in turn leads to a safe, orderly and inviting school in which to teach and learn.

The Odyssey Charter School will abide by all state and federal regulations related to code of conduct issues. Regulations also pertain to special education students. Due process will always be followed in the event that the student’s infraction is related to the disability.

The school will also establish behavioral guidelines to maintain an environment that is conducive to education without stifling expression and appropriate social interaction.

Upon entering Odyssey Charter School, the student is responsible for his or her actions both in and out of school. Any serious violations of school policy and/or any illegal or immoral behavior could result in serious disciplinary action.

Student Code of Conduct & Parent Information
Parental Involvement Policy
Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Policy

Uniforms/Dress Code

Odyssey Charter School believes all students should be considered equal. Since the school stresses professionalism and decorum, this philosophy should be reflected in the style of dress for students, teachers, and administrators. To abide by this, we have adopted a uniform that includes school shirts, pants/skirts/skorts, dresses/jumpers and sweaters with embroidered school logos.

All of the below-referenced uniform clothing must be purchased through the school’s clothing vendors, Flynn and O’Hara or Lands’ End, with NO EXCEPTIONS. (Gym uniform bottoms ONLY may be purchased elsewhere, but must be navy blue and the style offered by our vendors.) Not all uniform items offered by clothing vendors are approved for Odyssey Charter School. Permitted uniform items for each grade level can be found on Lands’ End and Flynn & O’Hara websites by searching for Odyssey Charter School Delaware.

You may try on uniforms at Sears, but please purchase online or via telephone from Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End sites specific to Odyssey Charter School. Sears stores often give incorrect information.

Please note: Light blue tops, oxford shirts, neckties, and navy blue bottoms will only be allowed for MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL – grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 through 12. Navy blazers (worn with oxford shirt and navy tie), and gray tops and bottoms are only allowed for HIGH SCHOOL – grades 9 through 12.

Clothing items sold through the PTO school store are NOT part of the school uniform. Only uniform items purchased through Lands’ End or Flynn & O’Hara may be worn during the school day. (Warmer non-uniform items may be worn during outdoor recess.)


REQUIRED GYM UNIFORMS are new for 2016-2017 school year
Students must wear the gym uniform and sneakers on active gym days.
Teachers will provide the schedule of gym uniform days during first weeks of school. Students should arrive in the regular school uniform until their gym schedule is established.

The approved gym t-shirt (gray with navy logo) and/or sweatshirt (navy with white logo) must be purchased at Flynn and O’Hara or Lands’ End.

Plain navy blue mesh shorts and/or plain navy blue sweatpants may be purchased anywhere, but must be of the same color and style as offered on the Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End Odyssey uniform websites.

Gym uniform items are not to be worn with regular uniform items.


Uniform shirts may be long or short sleeve polo-style shirts that are purchased through Flynn and O’Hara and/or Lands’ End. Shirts may be either navy blue or white in color (Lower, Middle, and High School) or light blue (Middle School and High School), or gray (High School only) but must be embroidered with the school name. Middle and High School students may also wear Lands’ End white or light blue oxford shirt in short or long sleeve with the OCS embroidery. The solid navy blue Lands’ End tie is optional with the oxford shirt. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. No more than the top two buttons of the shirt may be left open. The school logo must be visible at all times. Altering of required school shirts and/or logo is not permissible. Long sleeve garments may not be worn underneath school shirts that have short sleeves. An acceptable alternative is to wear long sleeve school shirts or school sweaters. White “Peter Pan” blouses (NOT POLOS), which must be worn under the girls’ plaid jumper, are acceptable only under the jumper and are not to be worn at any other time.

Acceptable school uniforms consist of a pair of khaki pants or shorts (grades K through 12) or navy blue pants or shorts (Middle and High School only), or gray pants (High School only) that are purchased from Flynn and O’Hara or Lands’ End. Bottoms no longer need to be embroidered with the OCS logo. Jeans, cargo pants, capris, non-uniform skirts, and sweatpants are NOT permitted. Pants should fit appropriately, being neither too tight nor too loose. Additionally, pants should not be too long; they should not drag on the ground. Pants should be worn at the natural waist with a blue, black, or brown belt. (Kindergarten is exempt from wearing belts.)

Skirts, skorts, shorts, and jumpers
In addition to pants and shorts, girls may wear khaki skorts or box pleat skirts (All Grades) or navy blue skorts or box pleat skirts (Grades 3 and up) or navy blue plaid jumpers or skirts (Grades K through 6) or gray skirts (Grades 9 and up). Girls in grades K-6 may also wear the Lands’ End navy blue polo dress embroidered with the school name. Skirts, dresses, skorts, and shorts may not be shorter than one inch above the knee when standing. Jumpers must be worn with the white “Peter Pan collar” blouses underneath (Peter Pan collar polos are not permitted.) Acceptable skirts, dresses, skorts, shorts, and jumpers must be purchased through either Flynn and O’Hara or Lands’ End.
Please note, the box pleat skirts are only available at Lands’ End. Bottoms purchased through Lands’ End do not need to be embroidered by Lands’ End with “OCS.”

Shoes are to be solid in color and must be either tan, brown, navy blue, or black. Shoes can be lace-up, slip-on, or Velcro. Boys may wear shoes such as Dirty Bucs, Penny Loafers, Merrill-type moccasins, or Top-Siders. Girls may wear shoes such as Dirty Bucs, Loafers, or Mary Janes. Sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, clogs, boots, and hikers are NOT permitted. You are not required to purchase shoes through our clothing vendor. Students may wear sneakers ONLY ON GYM DAYS.

Girls may only wear plain black, white, or navy blue stocking tights or form fitting full length leggings. Any other colors or any patterned stockings are NOT permitted. All leggings must be footed or sit below the ankle. Boys and girls may only wear black, white, tan, or navy blue socks.

School sweaters or the school fleece with the embroidered school logo from Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End are the only permissible outer garments to be worn in class. School sweaters are available in a cardigan style, cable hooded style, and crew and V-neck pullover styles. The sweater or fleece must be worn with a school shirt underneath. Blazers, coats, non-uniform fleeces, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. may not be worn in class or during school hours. (High school students may wear the navy blue blazer offered at Lands’ End. The oxford shirt and tie must be worn with the optional blazer.) Outer garments (other than sweaters) must be stored in the student’s locker/cubbie. OCS hoodies/sweatshirts are not to be worn in class.

Hats are NOT permitted to be worn in school. During colder months, warm hats are allowed and encouraged for outdoor play only.

Jewelry, Hairstyles, and Accessories
Excessive jewelry, make-up, or hairstyles that are deemed by the school administration to be distracting or distasteful will not be permitted. Students will be asked to remove excessive makeup or hairstyles or, in the event that is not possible or student refuses, will be sent home with a parent.

Hairstyles and hair lengths should reflect the atmosphere of decorum desired by the school. Mohawks, shaved designs, unnatural color dyes, and spiked hair are examples of hairstyles that would not be acceptable. Individual cases will be addressed by the administration.

The only permissible body piercing are earrings. Earrings must be of modest size, no larger than a nickel in size and of “stud” fashion only, to minimize distraction. Students are not prohibited from wearing jewelry, however Odyssey Charter School discourages wearing any type of valuable articles that could present hardship if lost or stolen. Expensive articles are worn at your own risk. Odyssey Charter School does not assume responsibility for articles lost or stolen.

Hats, bandanas, and sunglasses are all considered inappropriate for regular school wear. Headbands should be purchased through Flynn and O’Hara or Lands’ End or be plain black/brown/blue/white plastic or fabric (no jewelry, feathers, dangling articles on headbands or barrettes). Writing on your body is not appropriate and is not allowed.


The administration reserves the right to determine whether a student is in compliance with the dress code and specify consequences for non-compliance. Any inappropriate or distractive appearance will be addressed by the administration on an individual basis.

Minor dress violations such as un-tucked shirts will result in verbal warnings or issuance of demerits. Failure to follow repeated warnings will be considered insubordination.

Dress code violations will result in the issuance of demerits. Upon receiving a third demerit for dress code violations, students will not be permitted to attend school. Parents will be called to pick up the student from school. A student having incurred three dress code violations may only return to school upon correction of the violation.

Students who are not in dress code may not attend classes until correction is made. If correction is not practical, parents will be contacted and will have to provide appropriate clothing for their child before he/she is permitted to attend classes. If parents cannot be contacted, the student will remain in the school office for the remainder of the day.

Repeated failure to conform to dress code may result in more severe penalties.

The following are examples that will result in restriction from classes:

  1. Non-school shirt
  2. Non-conforming pants, shorts, skirts
  3. Shorts or skirts that are more than four inches above the knee
  4. Clothing that is overly tight or baggy
  5. Defiance to adhere to dress code (ex. refusing to tuck shirt in)
  6. Unacceptable piercing, hairstyles, hair colors, or hair lengths
  7. Any major inappropriate or distractive appearance as deemed by the administration

You may place a uniform order over the phone, online, or by visiting one of the store locations:

Flynn and O’Hara Lands’ End
Order on line here Order on line here
Phone: 1-800-441-4122 Phone: 1-800-469-2222


Used Uniform Program

If you have well-maintained (no holes, no stains) OCS uniform items to donate, please send your clean, fresh-laundered, item(s) into school with your child in a bag. Please include, in the bag, a note listing the donated items and sizes.

To obtain a Used Uniform Item you can:

Attend the Used Uniform Sale.

     It is held right before the monthly PTO meeting from 6:30-7pm. Each item sells for $5.00. Checks or cash only.

If you have any questions regarding our uniform policy, please contact:

Mrs. Tracie Principe
Mrs. Courtney Saxton
Mrs. Traci McGinnis

School Hours

IS/LS (Grades K-6) Arrival and Dismissal

7:55 – First Student Buses drop off
7:40 – 8:05 – IS Carline
7:45 – 8:10 – LS Carline
Instructional Day IS – 8:03 – 3:03
Instructional Day IS – 8:10 – 3:10
Dismissal 3:00 – 3:20
First Student Buses depart – 3:10 – 3:20
No early dismissal after 2:45 for IS and 2:45 for LS

HS/US (Grades 7-11) Arrival and Dismissal

7:30 – OCS Buses drop off
7:25 – 7:40 – HS/US Carline
Instructional Day 7:45 – 2:45
Dismissal 2:45 – 3:00
OCS Buses depart – 2:55
No early dismissal after 2:30

Before Care – 7:00-7:40 am
After Care – 3:30-6:00 pm