Dear Odyssey Charter School Family,

I consider it a true privilege to be entrusted with the honor and responsibility of leading Odyssey Charter into the next chapter of our growth and development, a phase we call Odyssey Reimagined. As our nation’s Filotimo School, Odyssey is driven by the spirit of empathy, generosity, kindness, collaboration, and dedication to uplifting our community through acts of Filotimo, coupled with the desire to create an excellent learning environment for all students. Odyssey’s award-winning Hellenic Education model utilizes the teaching of the Greek Language, from which 30% of the English Language is derived, a strong civics education, and classical thinking, integrated with AI technology for 21st-century learners to create the global change-makers of the world.

At our core, we are united by our mission to prepare lifelong learners who are culturally responsive global change makers who utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills grounded in the classical teachings of Greek education and language. This approach trains students to use the Socratic Method and inquiry approach to learning while leveraging their
unique skills and talents equitably and democratically to create a positive culture where all students can find success. Our growing dual immersion program, innovative hydroponics and aeroponics K-12 program, community food program producing and harvesting over 2,000
pounds of food annually, and high academic outcomes are just a few examples of how far we have already come.

Odyssey Charter School has transitioned from an emerging school to a nationally recognized K-12 network that serves 2,200 students. I believe it is important to set strategic goals to focus our actions on continued growth and development so that all kids have access to an outstanding, permission-free, and transformational education. Academic achievement, facilities improvements and expansion, and community partnerships will serve as the foundation for our comprehensive vision and strategic plan. Odyssey continues to expand its partnerships and affiliations and is excited to enhance our community impact through the grand opening of a new state-of-the-art sports multiplex in 2024, and an innovative learning center in 2025.

The future is brighter than ever for Odyssey Charter School!

With gratitude and excitement,
Elias Pappas

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Monthly Head of Schools Communication