We are excited to announce the launch of ClassLink, a Single Sign On (SSO) portal purchased by the DOE to replace its current Information Management System (IMS), a portal the DOE uses to deliver applications to schools and districts (such as ESchool, IEP Plus, Unit Count, PDMS, and other DOE applications). DOE licensed the free use of ClassLink to every school/district in the state, allowing them to build their own SSO subsites.

What this means for our students is that with just one login to the school ClassLink portal a student could be logged into email, office online, google drive and docs, Schoology, and many other sites automatically. Any other site the student uses will also be accessible after a one-time entry of your site credentials. The ClassLink Portal will manage everything, and students will be just one click away from all their sites. Students will not have to deal with multiple passwords and site logins.

Students will also gain the ability to reset their forgotten password, eliminating the need to submit a support ticket for the school to reset it for them. We took advantage of this offer back in December and signed on to be a pilot district. (One of 6 and the only charter). We are the first school in the state to deploy a ClassLink solution.

Watch the Student ClassLink Webinar.