After successfully implementing a Greek FLES program for more than a decade, Odyssey Charter School took bold steps toward actualizing its vision of spreading the Greek language by launching the Greek immersion strand at the kindergarten level. Two brave teachers stepped forward to explore this uncharted territory: Ms. Iliadis and Ms. Lauderman. Today, we are happy to announce their unprecedented success. Research has long supported the theoretical success of immersion programs, but end of the year testing has shown that our teachers accomplished these gains in practice. Our immersion students not only showed tremendous gains in Greek language acquisition, but also surpassed our expectations in literacy and mathematics achievement. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our immersion teachers, support staff, students, and parents who believed in our vision and made this success a reality.

We are excited to announce that Ms. Chaviari-Wallace and Ms. Connor will be continuing the immersion program at the 1st Grade level.